BASICS™ Methodology

1. Baseline

Train Executive Leadership To Lead The Culture Change

Train Company Personnel JIT And Never Stop

Go See And Understand, Walk The Process (Gemba)

Assessment / Baseline Metrics And Present Findings

I.D. , Prioritize, Scope Projects, And Create Team Charters

Approve Charter With Key Stakeholders (Update Key Stakeholders As Necessary) And Pick Team Members

Create Stakeholders Analysis, Communication & Training Plan

Select Team Members (Dedicated Teams Where Possible)

Train the Team Members

Value Stream Map The Process*

2. Assess/Analyze (Plan)

Determine The Customer Demand And Tact Time

Process Flow Analysis – Become The Patient Or Product (VA Vs NVA) – spaghetti diagrams, process mapping

Group Tech Analysis (Define Families)*

Full Work Analysis Of The Operator (VA Vs NVA)

Turn Over Analysis (Minimize Internal Setup)*

3. Suggest Solutions (Plan)

Create The Optimal Layout, Workstation Design And Point Of Use Materials For The Process

Determine The Capacity And Labor Requirements

Create Standard Work

Make And Approve Recommendations For Implementation

Pilot The Process

Cross Train The Staff In The New Process

Plan P.O.U. Replenishment Strategy

Develop And Communicate Full Implementation Plan And Review And Approve With Key Stakeholders

Create Sustain Plan & Lean  Audit Strategy and Review With Major Stakeholders

4. Implement (DO)

Implement Construction Where Necessary

Implement Metrics That Lead

Implement Kanbans And Replenishment Strategy

Incorporate Five S* And Visual Controls

Mistake Proof And TPM* The Process

Document Results

5. Check

Continually Audit The Process

Use Process Focused Metrics and Develop Recovery Action Plans As Needed

Continue To Train, Educate and Benchmark

6. Sustain (Check)

Update The Standard Work With New Process, Swipe, and/or Cycle Times

Kaizen, Kaizen, Kaizen (Back To Step 1)

Create A Culture That Drives Continuous Improvement